Melody Godfrey Country Financial Presented Crisp County Sheriffs Office with Memorial Donation

Published 3:01 pm Thursday, August 17, 2023

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Staff Reports

On behalf of Country Financial Corporate, Melody Godfrey presented the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office with a generous memorial donation of $1,500. This contribution serves as a tribute, commemorating the service and sacrifice of Deputy Tyee Browne. The presentation carries significant importance as she personally delivered the memorial donation to Deputy Tyee Browne’s Patrol Squad. Melody said that, ” When I received the phone call from my agency manager Dale Brown regarding a corporate donation in memory of Tyee Browne, I was reminded why I am so proud to represent COUNTRY Financial.  COUNTRY truly invests and enriches the lives of the people in the communities where we do business.  We can’t say enough about the heroisms shown by Deputy Tyee Browne  and his shift on the night of July 5, and as a citizen of Crisp County I will never let his legacy be forgotten.  This donation will support the men and women of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office as they serve and protect us.  It was truly an honor to represent COUNTRY and make this presentation.” Tyee Browne is a hero, our Crisp County hero, and his legacy. commitment and sacrifice to the people of Crisp County will not be forgotten.

“We would like to share our condolences with Deputy Tyee Browne’s family and co-workers. In honor of him, we would like to provide this donation to the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office. As part of our Operation Helping Heroes program, we support our local community heroes, “said Dale Adams, Agency Manager, COUNTRY Financial.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to COUNTRY Financial for commemorating the enduring legacy of Deputy Tyee Browne. Your unwavering dedication to supporting local community heroes is truly commendable.