City Commission Meeting October 3, 2023 (Video)

Published 1:36 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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By Sarah Brown – Managing Editor

The Cordele City Commission met on Tuesday October 3, 2023 at 9am at the Cordele City Hall Courtroom with Chairman, Commissioner Vest Beal Shephard, Commissioner Isaac H. Owens, Commissioner Royce Reeves, Sr., Commissioner Wesley Rainey and City attorney, Tommy Coleman in attendance. We first heard from guest speaker Milton Holly, who spoke on gun violence in City limits, he is concerned of the safety of the people of Cordele. He was wanting to know who is responsible for public safety and what could be done about this. This topic sparked some discussion within the meeting, it was clarified that the police department and sheriff’s office of both the City of Cordele and Crisp County are responsible. Chief Heard confirmed that they do indeed do their job and have recently collaborated on this topic of youth violence. Chairman Deriso and many others agreed that it is up to everyone to come together to reduce the youth violence in our community, as everyone needs to work together starting at home. A legthy discussion was made on this topic, for more information please refer to our video. Monica Rentfrow gave the quarterly report for Downtown Cordele, new banner signs have been put up throughout downtown. Upcoming events; Spooktacular October 26 5:30-7pm, Rail Fan Festival November 11 10:00am-4:00pm, SAM Shortline Downtown Holiday Trains Deb 9, 15th and 16th (Book your tickets soon as they sell out). New Sandwich shop is also opening up downtown.

Department heads; Cordele Fire Chief Todd Alligood, numerical breakdown from August 29th-September 27th they had a total of 61 call for service with seven grass fires, three vehicle fires, 17 fire alarms, 24 medical assists, two motor vehicles and eight others. Cordele Police Chief and Codes enforcement, Jalon Heard started with codes numerical breakdown; abandoned vehicles 15, dilapidated property six, inspections 26, business licenses six, trash/trash related issues nine, overgrown grass/weeds 27, parking two, utility complaints three and other complaints 19. They are in the process of finalizing the door hangers to notify citizens of code related issues. These door hangers will be red/pink in color. Cordele Police Department numerical breakdown for August 31st – September 26th they had 16 Part 1 crimes with one homicide, two aggravated assaults, 10 larcenies with only one entering auto. Chief Heard said that some of the guns in the community that are involved in violence are coming from entering autos. They had eight shoplifting with five arrests and three warrants, and one other theft. Part two crimes they had 57, incidents reports 88, community contacts 56, citations 75 and 66 warning. They had a total of 990 calls for service which is down from previous reports.

Agenda item number one was the proclamation of Red Ribbon Week from October 23rd to 27th, 2023. Commissioner Issac Owens read and presented the proclamation to Monica Simmons, Monica Robinson and Lisa Odom.

Agenda item number two was to consider public hearing dates for the 2023 Tax Digest. This was motioned, second and approved unanimously. Dates are set for October 10th at 9am and 6pm, October 17th before the regular city commission meeting.

Agenda item number three was to consider and approve an event permit for the Downtown Spooktacular: Family event that will be held on October 26, 2023 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm ay 105 East 9th Ave Cordele, GA. Organizers are Monica Rentfrow and Gail Reynolds, Cordele Main Street. Street will be closed from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, they have their own barricades. Police Chief Jalon Heard has approved the event permit on September 28, 2023. This was motioned, second and approved unanimously.

Agenda item number four was to consider and approve an event permit for a Car Show: organizer is Stephanie Paramore of the Cordele Recreation Parlor, 105 West 11th Ave Cordele, GA. Location of the event will be starting at South 8th Street and 11 ½ Ave Alley to 13th Ave west. Date and time of event, November 4, 2023, 9:00am until 1:00pm. Blocking off South 8th Street from 12th to 13th Ave. Police Chief Jalon Heard approved the Event Permit on September 28, 2023. This was motioned, second and approved unanimously.

Agenda item number five was to consider and approve an alcohol license – beer only – to be consumed on premises: Clubb Zodiack, 801 South Joe Wright Drive, Cordele, GA. Applicant is Tony Bernard Graham, 206 East 18th Ave, Cordele, GA. Police Chief Jalon Heard approved the application with same concerns on September 28, 2023. This item was removed from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting due to the people requesting the permit not having a proper business license.

Agenda item number six was to consider and approve the second reading of the revised ordinance regulating mobile food vendors within the Corporate Limits of the City; Repealing all ordinances in conflict herewith; and for other purposes. This was motioned, second and approved unanimously.

Agenda item number seven is to consider and approve the award to Griffin Grading and Concrete, LLC in the amount of $399,935.98 for the 2023 LMIG Paving Project.

2023 LMIG Projects: Midway Road beginning at CSX RR and ending at HWY. 257.

22nd Ave west beginning at 15th Street and ending at Joe Wright Drive. This was motioned, second and approved unanimously.

Prior to agenda item number eight, Jay Waters of EJB Family and Youth Outreach spoke in regards to his contract for the building. As of October 1st he was suppose to receive a letter from the City in regards to this, to which City Manager Angela Redding confirmed she has emailed to him at the end of September. Further discussion on this was made with no resolution as of yet.

Agenda item number eight was the discussion of the Old Boys and Girls Club Building – 212 N 2nd Street. A presentation was done by Julia Byron from Bridging the Gap Educational Services, Inc. The presentation was exceptional, very detailed and organized with what she does and plans to do if she got the use of the building. For further information please check out our video on the meeting and their website

Agenda item number nine was the discussion of the potential sale of the Boys and Girls Club Gymnasium. This discussion caused some fuss as the building has been deemed condemned but they want to find inside/outside sources in the city to help fund repairs of the building. This is to ensure that the building remains under the control of the city especially with the club building being next to it.

We then heard from City Manager Angela Redding, who spoke in regards to the new banners downtown, signs for public works, and new businesses in the city.

The City Attorney Tommy Coleman, Richard from the Peanut Company went to court last week and was fined $1,000.

For more information regarding the City Meeting please check out the video on our Facebook Page