Crisp County 4-H Booths at the Central Georgia Fair 2023

Published 9:34 am Thursday, November 2, 2023

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By Sarah Brown – Managing Editor

The Crisp County 4-H Have displayed there mini booths at the Central Georgia Fair once again this year. We spoke with extension agent Randy West about the mini booths he said, that the mini booth are designed for the kids to chose there hobby or past time and put it into a mini booth. the aim is for the kids to design the booth around there topic. Each booth includes a theme, title, history and visuals.

Ava Hauesler: 4-H (1st in 6th grade other projects)

She chose this topic because it is really interesting and fun. She learned that 4-H use to be called “The Corn Club” and then was changed to 4-H when boys and girls could join.

Kinley Gourley: Ice-cream Pumpkin (4th Place in 6th -8th grade other)

The reason she chose to do the icecream was because it is one of her favorite snacks.



Amanda Smith: Georgia Farm Fresh (1st place in 9th – 12th grade Ag & Environment & Sweepstakes)

Her booth is on the products that are raised and grown in Georgia like peanuts, pecans, cotton, dairy and cows. She chose this topic because she found it to be quite interesting.


Avelyn Smith: Trespassing based on Goldie Locks (2nd place in 5th grade other)

Because you see a lot of trespassing signs around and it made me think of Goldie Locks. She built the bedroom and kitchen to represent the different rooms that Goldie Locks would trespass into.


Leila Hall: Cranial Helmets (1st place in 6th grade families and consumers)

The reason she chose to do cranial helmets is because her little sibling had cranial helmets. She learned the three definitions of Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, & Scaphocephaly.


Julianna Smith: She did two booths, one the Golden Ages (4th in 9th – 12th grade other projects) and Hazardous Spill Response (1st in 9th – 12th grade families & consumers)

HSR- this topic has been interesting to her over the past few years as her parents started a business called South Georgia Spill Response. She really enjoyed putting it together and making the scene in the middle of her booth.

Golden – 1930’s film was called the golden age of film, it was the time where the film industry transitioned from silent to sound. The main reason she chose this was because she had a history presentation on the same topic. She loves this era and history so it worked out well.


Luke Bartlett: Hunting White Tail (1st place in 9th-12th grade other projects)

The reason is because his whole family hunts, it is a topic that he is passionate about as he has been doing it his whole life.



Kaylee Pitts: History of Cotton in fabric (1st place in 9th – 12th Ag & Environment)

She did this topic for her booth because not everyone knows when it started or when denim was first around and how it all started. She learned that denim came out in the 1500’s and was originally made for sailors.



Owen Gourley: Werewolf Pumpkin (1st place in K-1st Scary Spooky)

He likes werewolves and wanted to make it look like it had been in a fight.


Kaylee Mauldin: Tin man Pumpkin (1st place in 6th – 8th grade storybook/character)

She did the Tin Man Pumpkin because she had recently read the Wizard of OZ and the Tin man is her favorite character.



Jimmy Smith: 4-H Pumpkin (1st place in 2nd – 3rd grade other) He just wanted to make it, he painted the clover and used puffy paint for the H’s.

Minecraft Creeper Pumpkin (3rd place in 2nd-3rd grade storybook/character) he plays minecraft and they are his favorite character because they explode. He used spray paint for the green and duct tape for the face. Jimmy said, “It was a lot of fun to do it.”


Kylie Arnett: Cattle Hair and Grooming (1st in 5th grade Ag & Environment)

She chose to do this theme for her booth as works with cattle in 4-H and she works on encouraging hair growth with the cattle.



Camaria Smith: Madea Pumpkin (1st place in 4th-5th grade other)

She did the Madea Pumpkin, because she saw a video of Madea and wanted to remake it. Camaria said, “I think it turned out perfect”




Layla Joyner and Ava Arzola



Community Booths: 



Crisp County Elementary School: 1st place in Community Booths





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