Crisp County High School Wins Local Chess Tournament

Published 2:11 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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Staff Reports

The Crisp County Chess Club competed Saturday, November 4, 2023, at a Crisp County High
School hosted Regional Tournament. The other schools present were Crisp County Middle
School and Furlow Charter School from Americus. There were 13 players in total.
Play began shortly after 9:30 in 10 minute games (each player had 10 minutes on
his/her clock) in double elimination. After three rounds of play the field was whittled down with
three Furlow players and one CCMS player still undefeated.
With the tournament being double-elimination it takes two losses to be eliminated.
CCHS Chess Club had several players with only one loss continuing play. Parth Patel defeated
three players in a row (including teammates Levi and Arjun) to come face-to-face with Troy
Zhang of Furlow who was undefeated. In the final match-up Parth would have to beat Troy
twice (due to the double-elimination). At the end of the first match Parth won and the players
and audience were told that the score was tied with CCHS and Furlow each having ten wins.
The winner of the match would not only win first place but his school would win the team
trophy. For Parth, it meant winning five games in a row! With hardly a break, the players
pressed one for the final match. Everyone stood silent as they played. Finally, Troy reached out,
offereing his hand as Parth won!
Arian Comeau from Furlow finished third; Troy Zhang from Furlow finished second, and
first place went to Parth Patel from Crisp County High School. CCHS Chess Club players included
Arjun Katla, Tressel Nadeau, Priya Patel, Parth Patel, and Levi Stinton. Coaches Bailey and Ward
would like to thank Furlow and Coach Lingefelt as well as Crisp County Middle School and Coach
Doersam for their support of the tournament and chess.
Coach Bailey hopes this is the first annual fall tournament at Crisp and many will follow.


CCHS Chess Club: Arjun Katla, Tressel Nadeau, Priya Patel, Coach Bailey, Coach Ward, Parth Patel, and Levi Stinton


1st Place Winner Parth Patel and Coach Bailey


3rd Place Winner Adrian Comeau (Furlow Charter School); 2nd Place Winner Troy Zhang (Furlow Charter School); and 1st Place Winner Parth Patel (CCHS)