Former Chief of Police in Rochelle Arrested

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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By Sarah Brown – Managing Editor

We received the report from the Atlanta PD of Barfield impersonating a police officer in in Clayton County. The incident occurred on November 12, 2023 when another officer from Atlanta PD was called to a disturbance and met Barfield who was supposedly a off-duty officer out of Clayton County Sheriff’s Department. Barfield stated that he detained a Mr. Nicholson due to a fight that had occurred. The Atlanta PD officer tried to get Mr. Nicholson to cooperate but he refused to do so and was placed in custody after another unit had arrived to the scene. They did a further investigation and came to find out that Deputy Barfieldn had used his taser and forced Mr. Nicholson to the ground. This was discovered by visible physical injuries on Mr. Nicholson. He was taken to Grady Hospital and charged with destruction/damage/vandalism of property over $500.

Atlanta PD had made another report on November 14, 2023 regarding the incident that occurred on November 12, 2023. The report read: On Sunday November 12th I, Sgt. Shields, was requested to 280 Buckhead Avenue NE by Unit 1207 regarding a fight call at the location involving a Clayton County Sheriff Officer. Once on scene, Jason Kyle Barfield, identified himself as an extra job officer working off duty for Buckhead Village. Mr. Barfield identified himself to me as a Clayton County Sheriff Officer. Mr. Barfield was wearing black tactical pants with a black T-shirt that said “police” on the sleeve. Mr. Barfield had a black tactical vest over his T-shirt which had “Police K9” on the front. Mr. Barfield had a TASER attached to his vest, a firearm holstered at his side, and a yellow ECW on his vest. Mr. Barfield said he encountered Mr. Robert Nicholson outside an art gallery within the Buckhead Village shops. Mr. Barfield said Mr. Nicholson was acting belligerent so he had to tase (drive-stun) Mr. Nicholson and throw him to the ground to get him into handcuffs. Mr. Barfield kept Mr. Nicholson detained and refused to let him leave until APD arrived on scene. Mr. Barfield advised unit 1207 that he didn’t have any charges on Mr. Nicholson, so Mr. Barfield removed the handcuffs and let Mr. Nicholson go. When I arrived on scene Mr. Nicholson was acting disorderly and drunk, so he was placed into custody. Unit 1207 transported Mr. Nicholson to Grady Hospital to be evaluated due to being tased by Mr. Barfield. I told Mr. Barfield I needed to get his information in order to list him in the report due to him using a ECW on Mr. Johnson. Mr. Barfield confirmed to me multiple times that he worked for the Clayton County Sheriff Office. Mr. Barfield advised me that his badge number was “104”. When I asked Mr. Barfield if his title was deputy or officer, he stated he was an “officer”. Later on in the shift I began to question some of the mannerisms and answers Mr. Barfield gave me when I spoke to him earlier in the night. I had APD dispatch provide me a number with Clayton County Dispatch. I called Clayton County Dispatch and asked to speak to someone to confirm if someone was actively employed with the Sheriff Office. I received a call from Sgt. Stearly with the Clayton County Sheriff Office and explained the situation. I emailed Sgt. Stearly Mr. Barfield’s information and picture to confirm if he was employed by the Clayton County Sheriff Office. Sgt. Barfield was able to confirm the Mr. Barfield was not an employee of the Clayton County Sheriff Office. On the morning of November 13th, I spoke to Director Mears of the Investigations Division with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. I provided Mr. Barfield’s information to Director Mears and he confirmed Mr. Barfield is not employed by any law enforcement agency in the State of Georgia. Knowing that Mr. Barfield is not employed by the Clayton County Sheriff Office and is not employed by any law enforcement agency in the State of Georgia, I swore out arrest warrants on Mr. Barfield for Impersonating a Police Officer (16-10-23), Aggravated Assault (16-5- 21), and False Imprisonment (16-5-41)”

Former Chief of Police Jason Kyle Barfield was arrested in Wilcox County after Atlanta Police Department put out a wanted poster and warrant on Barfield for impersonating a police officer. Barfield was held in Crisp County Detention Center whilst waiting for transport to Fulton County Jail. Barfield was booked in Fulton County on November 17, 2023 with three charges against him including; Impersonating a Public Officer or Employee, False Imprisonment, and Aggravated Assault. He has $40,000 on surety bonds with $5,000 for impersonation, $10,000 for false imprisonment, and $25,000 for aggravated assault.


No further information on the case at this time.