Crisp County Commission Meeting January 1, 2024

Published 1:55 pm Thursday, January 11, 2024

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By Sarah Brown

Crisp County board of Commission met on January 11, 2024 at 9 am at the Crisp County Government Center. Chairman James R. Dowdy, III called the meeting to order welcoming everyone. Reverend Terry Ryan gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Clark Harrell. The agenda was adopted and the board approved last meetings minute. The meeting started with Crisp County Sheriff, Billy Hancock with department updates, reports and proclamations. He gave a run down of the 2023 year, they answered 18,645 calls, 920 of those calls (cases) were covered by CID, 6500 traffic calls, and 911 had 41,460 calls for service with a total of approximately 76,000+ calls in the 911 center as well as 2,809 calls for service within the City of Cordele. Last month (December) they had one significant incident of the medical episode on the lake involving a father and son to which the father unfortunately did not survive. The traffic citations were down for December as their first goal is to serve the citizens and they had a busy month with community contacts, etc. They had 6 car entries at the lake in December, all of which were unlocked. Sheriff would like to remind people to lock your vehicles. The Crisp County Sheriff’s office has also been working diligently on ensuring the community’s safety during the weather threats over the past few days. It was brought up in terms of the schools being open, that is a decision made by the Crisp County School Board and they do understand that some children may be safer in the school verses at home. They do however have to consider the safety of school buses transporting the children to school during harsh weather conditions.

They then held the election and appointments of Chairman, Vice Chairman, County Clerk and County Attorney for 2024.

Chairman: James R. Dowdy III

Vice Chairman: Larry Felton

County Clerk: Monica Irwin

County Attorney: Richard Lawson

We then heard from County Administrator Clark Harrell he requested to amend the agenda to add two items under new business. In regards to new business in the County the first item of new business was resolution 2024-001 fixing and ordering publications fees. This item was moved, second and approved unanimously.

Second item of new business was a proposed budget/ ad valorem tax calendar. This item was moved, second and approved unanimously.

Third item of new business was in regards to 5311 public transit program. This item was moved, second and approved unanimously.

Fourth item of new business was in regards to a bid to build a maintenance hanger at the airport. They only received one bid by LRA from Albany, this item was moved, second and approved unanimously.

We then heard from the County Finance Director, Sherrie Leverett who gave a briefing of the county finances.

Lastly we heard from County Administrator, Clark Harrell with his report, which mentioned that they are still conducting the comprehensive plan, they have been busy cleaning up around public works, as well they have lined up a bunch of vehicles for surplus. Harrell also mentioned that there was a man, Mr. Morgan in attendance in regards to a revolving loan he applied for, for his business. He was authorized and awarded a sum of money for the loan. There was issues and miscommunication with the loan as to what he was planning on using it for, and how much was given. Mr. Morgan expressed his concerns on this and asked that the commission address the process in which these loans are given out.

They then adjourned for executive session.