Cordele Police Department Incident Summary

Published 3:47 pm Monday, April 1, 2024

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Incident Summary from 3/25/2024 – 04/01/2024

On 3/25/2024 at approximately 11:51 hours, I Ofc Corey Watson was called out to 1525 E 8th Ave for a fraud call. On arrival, I spoke with Stephen Wells. Wells stated that on April 1st of 2023, there was a string of fraudulent checks used at Loves around the area. The store at 1525 E 8th Ave was also a victim of this scam. Wells stated that Ryan Smith from their CFI team would be in contact with me via email with paperwork about this case. I let Stephen know I would be waiting to get the information and then would pass it on the proper channels. Currently waiting for the email from Ryan Smith.

On 03/23/2024, I Sgt. Middleton was called to Walmart about fake money being used. Upon my arrival on the scene, I made contact with Sonya Young. She advised that on 3-21-24 a black male (unknown name) came into the store and purchased 2 Splat guns. Young said that when the subject paid for the guns eh used 2 fake $100 bills. The transaction took place on 3-21-24 at 1956 hours (7:56pm). Young provided me with the fake money and when I looked at it I could see that it was fake. The bills had “FOR MOTION PICTURE PURPOSES” printed on the bills. When the cashier took the money apparently the money was not checked to see if it was real. Young was able to provide a picture of the offender, but he has not been identified. I took pictures of the fake money, the transaction paper, and the subject and uploaded the to Axon. The evidence has been placed in Locker #14 for this case. The copy of the picture and the transaction have been placed in the case file.

On 03/25/24, I Sgt. Middleton was called to Walmart in reference to fraud. Upon my arrival on the scene, I made contact with Sonya Young. She advised that a customer came into the store and made a purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill. Young said that she has not been able to determine when the transaction took place. She said that she was waiting for the cashier to return to work so it could be determined. I recovered the counterfeit $100 bill, and it was placed in locker #14 as evidence.

On 03/25/24, I Sgt. Middleton was called to the front lobby of the police department in reference to a lost tag. Upon my arrival, I made contact with Reese. He said that the tag in his Infiniti had been lost or stolen, He said that the last time he saw the tag was about 2 days ago. The tag has been entered into GCIC as a stolen tag. No further investigation is needed at this time.

On 03/25/2024 an approximately 2037 (8:37pm), I, Ofc Chang and Cpl Wells were patrolling in the 200 block of W 28th Ave when we got hit on the license plate reader for a stolen tag. We confirmed the tag was stole by giving the tag information to dispatch. The vehicle a 1997 White Chevrolet Astro Van GA tag displayed (RXA8179) was parked in a grass area across the street from 218 W 28th Ave. The tag came back to 1997 Silver Buick Lesabre belonging to a Julian Glenn. We checked the vehicle and made sure no one was inside. Cpl Wells also checked the VIN and it came back to a Fredrick Harris. We began to approach the residence to found out if someone at the location owned the vehicle. We made contact with a black male later identified as Quintavis Mathis, he told us he bought the vehicle from “Tracy” who is the owner of the paint and body shop behind Fraser’s a few weeks ago. He did not have the bill of sale in his possession. Quintavious Mathis did not have his I.D. with him but he was able to give is his basic information and tell us that he purchased the vehicle for him to run his business “Mathis and sons pressure washing”. Mathis also said that he bought the vehicle with the tag already on it. He was advised to get the bill of sale as soon as possible and register the vehicle in his name. The stolen tag was retrieved and returned to the owner at 1424 Elbert Ct. This case will require follow up with Tracy and confirm whether or not the tag was already on the vehicle. The license plate has been removed out of GCIC. Referenced case number 24-02-002003. If I am unable to confirm the tag was not already on the vehicle I will be submitting warrants on Mathis for Theft by receiving stolen property OCGA 16-8-7.

On 03/26/2024, I Sgt. Middleton was called to 123 South 7th Street in reference to theft by deception. Upon my arrival on the scene, I made contact with Brown. He said that his paycheck was not deposited into his account on March 20, 2024, as it was suppose to be. Brown said that he spoke with Traci Curney (Office Manager/Bookkeeper) and found out that his check was deposited into SOFI BANK at 202 Brumbelow Rd. Carrollton, GA 30117. Brown was able to show me several emails that were sent between Curey and a person acting like Brown. The emails showed that on 3/8/24 at 0922 hours (9:22am) an email was sent to Curney from the email address requesting that Brown’s direct deposit be changed. Curney responded at 0945 hours (9:45am) with an attachment to the email to be filled out. This email was responded to by the offender at 1028 hours (10:28am) asking for confirmation that Curney has received the email and attachment. At 1031 hours (10:31am) she responded to this email. Brown’s check was deposited into Sofi Bank savings account. Brown was able to confirm that the account was a real account and deposit was able to go through. I was provided a copy of the emails as well as the payroll direct deposit form that was filled out electronically. These items are on 5 different sheets of paper and have been turned in with this report. I was also able to get a copy of the paycheck stub and it too has been turned in with this report. A total of 6 sheets of paperwork have been turned in with this report. I am forwarding this incident to the detective division for follow up investigation.

On 3/26/2024 at approximately 13:23 hours (1:23 pm), I Ofc Corey Watson arrive at 409 E 14th Ave. I made contact with Terry Glover. Glover advised that his Tag, Tag #RZL2784 was stolen from his Chevy Suburban within the last 2 weeks. Gliver stated that he had moved the vehicle around to the front of his residence 2 months prior and that the last time he knew he saw the tag on the vehicle as approximately 2 weeks ago. I have informed our front desk person who will enter the stolen tag into GCIC. No evidence shows who or when the tag was taken. Nothing else follows.

On 3/26/2024 at approximately 15:17 hours (3:17pm), I Ofc Watson spoke with Latoshia Perry, who was a walk-in regarding lost/taken property. Perry states that on 3/25/2024 while at Walmart, she rang up her groceries and also was getting $80.00 cash back. She states she forgot to grab the 80.00. She want to say that her mom worked at this Wal-Mart and had the security team look into it. The security team advised that the next man in line did take the 80.00 that the machine spits out for cash back. I left the Police Department and went to Wal-Mart to talk with their security team. A member of the team was able to pull the camera footage from the previous day and show me what took place. Perry bought her groceries and the machine did send out 80.00 but she seems to have gotten distracted in the video and never grabbed it. The next man who we were able to identify as an Austin Masters, using Wal-Mart resources, was seen moving to the counter buying his items, and then reaching down and taking the 80.00 in the machine. Masters then walks outside and to his car, never attempting to inform the staff. I have placed a printed picture of both Masters and the vehicle he gets into, into evidence. Nothing else follows.

On 03/27/2024 at approximately 0107 hours (1:07am) I, Ofc Chang, and Cpl Wells responded to Stop and Go 2001 Hwy 41 N in reference to 2 vehicles parked beside each other facing Seedling Dr on the East side of the business. Upon arrival Cpl Wells was giving out vehicle tags to dispatch, a black male later identified as Kenneth Jamaal Grover exited out of a White Honda Accord tag TBZ6504 and proceeded to enter a Black Lincoln Town Car tag TGH1943. The driver in the White Honda Accord began to drive away but Cpl Wells was able to get the driver to come back into the parking lot. I, Ofc Chang, and Cpl Wells approached each of the vehicles. I went to speak with the driver in the White Honda Accord who was later identified as a black female Aaliyah Dawson. Cpl Wells went to speak to the driver and passenger of the Lincoln Town Car later identified as Onie McCormick (driver) and Grover (passenger). I asked Aaluyah Dawson for her driver’s license and registration which she could not provide, she was able to give me her name, birthdate, and current address. Aaliyah Dawson told me the vehicle she was driving was not hers but was owned by her friend Skylar Harris. I then contacted dispatch to find out if Aaliyah Dawson had a valid driver’s license. While I was talking to Dawson I heard Cpl Wells yell Jamaal. Grover then began to run away from Cpl Wells. Cpl Wells began to chase Grover in the patrol vehicle, going across the street and heading eastbound. As the chase went on Ofc Raines came in to aid Cpl Wells in the chase. Cpl Wells advised Ofc Rained to abort and go assist me with Aaliyah Dawson. Ofc Raines followed his orders and came to provide backup during my investigation with Aaliyah Dawson, dispatch was then able to respond that Aaliyah Dawson had a suspended license. I asked Aaliyah Dawson to shut off the vehicle and exit out of the vehicle. Ofc Raines watched Aaliyah Dawson while I went to confirm her suspended license. Cpl Wells was able to return and was able to assist in the arrest. Once I was able to confirm the suspension, Ofc Raines then placed handcuffs on her. The owner of the White Honda Accord a black female Skylar Harris the arrived at the scene shortly thereafter where we verified her driver’s license was valid. Dawson was transported to the Police Department by Ofc Raines where she was issued a citation, booked, and processed on the following: Driving while license suspended OCGA 40-5-121 (Citation number 617000664). According to GCIC Dawson’s license was suspended on 12/08/2021 for super speeder violation. Cpl Wells and I attempted to locate Grover but we were unable to find him. A warrant will be requested on Grover for Obstruction of a law enforcement officer OCGA 16-10-24 (MISD). Ofc Raines also checked the business to make sure it was not broken into and confirmed it was not. Nothing further to report.

On 03/27/2024 at approximately 1806 hours (6:06pm). I. Ofc. Dukes responded to 315 W 16th Ave in reference to a criminal trespass. Upon arrival, I spoke to Adayshia Bullard, who stated that’s Rasheem Brown had thrown a brick through her back passenger window shattering it. Candis Bullard, Adayshia’s sister, was present in the vehicle and states that Adayshia was there to pick her up because of an argument she was having with Brown. Candis stated that she left the residence at 401 W 17th Ave Brown was at and began walking northbound on 10th at towards 16th Ave when Brown began to follow her. Candis stated that she hid in the parking lot of A&P Full Service on 315 W 16th Ave. Candis states when she got in Adayshia’s car Brown had picked up a brick and threw it through the back window shattering the glass. Candis stated that Brown went southbound on 10th St to 401 W 17th Ave a boarding house where he stays. We went to the residence and could not make contact with Brown. Blood was found on the scene and witnesses states it had come from Brown’s face from where he had cut him. Witnesses also stated that she had broken the vehicle’s window. Nothing further to report.

On 03/28/2024 at approximately 0417 hours (4:17am) I, Ofc. Hemphill responded to 1613 E 16th Ave in reference to a abandoned 911 call.

On 03/28/2024 at approximately 0905 hours (9:05am). I, Ofc. Dukes responded to 1201 S 9th St in reference to an entering auto. Upon arrival, I noticed a white Honda Accord GA TAG #TBZ6504 with the back passenger side window busted out. I made contact with Skylar Harris who states that at 0900 (9:00am) she noticed the window had been busted. Harris states that the only thing taken was a $5 bill. Harris stated she is not sure who could’ve done it and has no one she suspects of doing it. Pictures of the vehicle were taken and have been uploaded to Nothing further to report.

On 03/29/2024 at approximately 07:29 hours (7:29pm), I Ofc Watson responded to an assistance call. On arrival, I spoke with a Kenyatta Lester. Lester told me that her girlfriend Shaontay Anderson had taken her phone and locked the code. Lester states that Anderson left the scene as well. Both woman claimed during the investigation that they were struck by the other. Both also claim not to have hit the other. We separated the woman and advised them to stay that way until their heads could calm down a bit. There were no visible wounds or bruising on Lester when she was inspected, and Anderson states she had no wounds. We left the scene with them having been separated. Nothing else follows.

On 03/29/2024 at approximately 2054 hours (8:54pm) I, Cpl Wells and Ofc Chang conducted a traffic stop on a White Buick Vernano at 15th St at its intersection with 16th Ave. I observed a White Buick Vernano temporary tag #P5291289 traveling South on 15th St with it’s bright lights on. I pulled off the side of the road to turn around and pull the vehicle over and they ran the stop sign at 15th St and 14th Ave. I activated my emergency lights and the vehicle pulled over at 15th St and 16th Ave. I made contact with the driver later identified as Jamie Gaston. I advised Gaston why I pulled him over and asked for his driver’s license he said he didn’t have it on him. I asked for his name and date of birth and he gave it to me. According to GCIC Gaston did not have a valid driver’s license. I had Gaston step out of the vehicle and I placed him in handcuffs behind his back, double-locked, and checked for proper fit. Ofc Chang conducted a search incident to arrest on Gaston and found nothing. Gaston was then placed in my patrol vehicle unit 029 and transported to the Police Department where he was booked and processed by Ofc Chang on the following: Driving without a valid license OCGA 40-5-20 Citation number (626000649). The White Buick Vernano was turned over to the owner Andrea Ross who was also a licensed driver. Gaston was then released from the Police Department with his Citation. Nothing further to report.

On 03/30/2024, I, Sgt. Middleton was called to Walmart in reference to theft by shoplifting. Upon my arrival on the scene, I made contact with Young in the Loss Prevention Office. She advised Phillips to be found concealing 7 items in her brown pocketbook. Young said that she concealed the items while she was in the men’s section of the store. The items that were concealed were a total of $50.35.

I placed Phillips under arrest for thect by shoplifting and she was transported to the police department where she was booked and processed for this charge. She was released on summons to appear in court on 5/14/24. She was also issued a criminal trespass notice for Walmart. A copy of the receipt has been turned in and placed with the case file. No further action is needed at this time.

On 3/30/2024 at 21:14 (7:14pm) I, Ofc Chang, and Cpl wells were dispatched to 500 BLK W 24th Ave for an assault involving 1 victim. Upon arrival Cpl Wells and I got out of the patrol vehicle to assist a victim Freddie Jones II, he was complaining about pain in his arm and possibly being broken. I could see blood and what appeared to be a piece of his bone sticking out of his wrist, EMS was already on the scene and they had to begin the process of transporting Freddie to Crisp Regional Hospital for medical attention. During my first encounter with Freddie, he gave me his information and told me he was jumped by some males in the neighborhood. He was able to identify one male named Kenterious Spivey but was not able to identify the other male at the moment. EMS transported Freddy to Crisp Regional Hospital, where he as able to get medical treatment and to be interviewed further by me and Cpl Wells. Freddy said that a few day prior, he was hanging out with Kenterious and some other individuals in the neighborhood. Freddy felt uncomfortable with the conversation so he left to go home and this may have made Kenterious and the other individuals upset. On 3/30/2024 at 21:08 (9:08pm), Freddy was walking back home from the store, when he had come across Kenterious and 3 males in the neighborhood, and some words had exchanged which resulted in Freddy being slammed on the ground. The slam has resulted in Freddy having a wrist fracture, he was unable to identify the person who slammed him to the ground be he was able to remember that the individual wore. Freddy was instructed to contact me or Cpl Wells if he could remember anything else. At approximately 23:13 (11:13pm) on 3/30/24, Freddy contacted dispatch that he knew the name of the person who attacked him and wanted to speak with either myself or Cpl Wells. We arrived at Crisp Regional Hospital at 23:24 and met up with Freddy. He told us the person who attacked him was Courtney Coley. I was unable to take photos dye to medical treatment of EMS and hospital wrapping injury in bandages. Medical paperwork from the hospital was submitted to be put in the case file. Ofc Hemphill and Cpl Wells watched the attack on the city camera and identified the attacker as Courtney Coley. A warrant will be submitted on Courtney Coley for OCGA 16-5-24 Aggravted Battery. Nothing further to report.

On 03/30/2024 at approximately 2221 hours (10:21pm) I, Cpl Wells, and Ofc Chang conducted a traffic stop on a Gray Honda Accord for driving Westbound in the 1600 Block of 16th Ave without any lights on. I observed a Gray Honda Accord GA Tag #SBV7354 driving Westbound on 16th Ave with no lights on. I activated my emergency lights and the vehicle pulled into the Quality Inn 1601 E 16th Ave parking lot. I made contact with the driver later identified as Shamyra Clark. I advised her the reason for the stop and she gave me her driver’s license. I ran her driver’s license through GCIC and it showed that she was wanted through the Columbus State University Police for possession of a weapon. I had Clark step out of the vehicle and I placed her in handcuffs behind the back, double-locked, and checked for proper fit. I then asked dispatch to send the hit. Ofc Chang conducted a search incident to arrest and placed her in the back of my patrol car unit 029. Dispatch advised me that Columbus State University Police did want to place a hold on Clark. Clark was then transported to the Crisp County Jail where she was turned over to jail staff without incident. Warrant number: W334656454 Date of Warrant: 03/27/2024. Nothing further to report.

On 03/31/2024 at approximately 09:00 hours (9:00am) I, Ofc Corey Watson pulled into 401 N 15th St, which is the old A.S. Clark School. I noticed a door on one of the buildings had its safety glass broken out. On investigation, I saw a used fire extinguisher on the ground in front of it. The window was busted out and the door was able to be opened. I also noticed a fire extinguisher on the ground on the bath to the building. Unsure of who or when this might have occurred. I do not recall it being this way when I was over here approximately a month ago. This report is just for documentation. I have uploaded pictures of the damage to Nothing else follows.