12th Annual Law Enforcement Memorial

Published 10:58 am Friday, May 10, 2024

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By Sarah Brown – Managing Editor

The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office put on the Annual Law Enforcement Memorial at Pinecrest Baptist Church on May 9, 2024. This event is put on in memorial of the fallen law enforcement in the Crisp County area.
In Memoriam of:
Chief W.H. Forrest, Cordele Police Department: End of Watch February 16, 1909
Town Marshal Freeman O. Epps, Arabi Police Department: End of Watch July 9, 1938
Trooper J.F. Bass Jr., Georgia State Patrol: End of Watch February 15, 1950
Sergeant C.H. Watson, Cordele Police Department: End of Watch October 18, 1970
Sergeant W.R. Haralson, Cordele Police Department: End of Watch May 4, 1975
Trooper J. Young, Georgia State Patrol: End of Watch May 4,1975
Trooper J.K. Stewart, Georgia State Patrol: End of Watch April 27, 1991
Corporal Avery Hillman, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office: End of Watch October 31, 2020
Deputy Tyee Browne, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office: End of Watch July 5, 2023
Sheriff Billy Hancock welcomed everyone to this years law enforcement memorial and recognized a number of people in the audience from Crisp County Commission, City of Cordele, City of Arabi and many others. Carvin Windom sang the Star-Spangled Banner. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Crisp County Sheriff’s Office and invocation and benediction by Rev. Tar Drazdowski.
Rep. Noel Williams
Carvin Windom
Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Rev. Jeff Wilson
Rev. Richard Nelson

Sheriff Hancock introduced Rep. Noel Williams, and Williams read a heartfelt message from Governor Kemp. Sheriff Hancock thanked Chaplain, Jeff Wilson and Reverend Tar Drazdowski, for all their help during the hard times the department has gone through over the last year. Rev. Richard Nelson the guest speaker, spoke on the difficulties that law enforcement goes through and the importance of the family aspect within an agency when its come to supporting each other through the good and the bad times. He addressed those who we need and want to remember that have been lost saying, “tonight is a time to rededicate yourselves.”

Nelson gave his unasked for advice saying, “Look to the things that are unseen, your service to your community is not wasted, not in vein never, never, ever without positive result. You can’t always see the positive effect but it is there, if not on earth than in heaven, where an eternal weight of glory awaits. Honor your fallen comrades by rededication to your common vocation, your quest, continuing quest to preserve democracy and decency to protect the American dream.” He ended with,”In valor there is hope, serve on in bright hope in memory and honor of those departing, for the life and service of Tyee Browne, for the lives and service of his eight Crisp County companions and for the lives and service and sacrifice of the 23, 785  law enforcement officer enshrined on the national law enforcement memorial.”

Follows was a scripture reading by Rev. Jeff Wilson.

Memorial Presenters lay down roses in memory of the fallen officers. The voices of the nine officers remembered were represented by students of Empire Dance.  Bagpiper was Retired Henry County Fire, Travis Miller and the bugler was Georgia State Patrol Honor Gaurd, Fred Hall.


In the closing remarks from Sheriff Billy Hancock, he said, “”Let us gather with us the memories of our fallen heroes their valor, their unwaving and unwavering commitment to justice. May their courage inspire us to uphold the value of justice integrity and service in every step we take.” He also  recognized those who have faced danger in the face and continue to serve today. He continued saying, “Let us carry forward the memories of the fallen and the resilience displayed by those who have faced danger. Together, let us ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten. That their spirit lives on in the noble pursuit of a safer, more just world. Remembering dangers that we face everyday, remembering to fight from bended knee.”