Vienna Council names interim chief

Published 2:45 pm Thursday, October 1, 2015


VIENNA — Council members here handled a brief agenda with one of the main items being the naming of an interim chief for the police department.
Lt. Cozie Ray, who has been with the department for several years was unanimously approved as interim chief since the retirement of Robert Jones this month.
Council members also approved a resolution authorizing the acceptance of a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant which council member Beth English said she would “gleefully” motion for the acceptance before a unanimous vote by the board.
Community Development Director Janet Joiner gave council members an update on some street address corrections that have been in the works for the city.
According to Joiner, the addresses on file in some areas do not match up with the 911 records which could pose a problem in the event of an emergency.
Joiner says that the worst situation is Poplar Street because there is a north, east and west Poplar, some having the same house numbers and odd and even house numbers being mixed up. She advised the only solution would be to rename the entire street Poplar Street and renumber both ends of the street. Other areas being looked into are Dale Street and Meadow Drive and a trailer park area located behind Popeye’s. Another area, Joiner mentioned was Cemetery Street but she said it was just a matter of getting the proper spelling on one of the street signs.
English said that with the numbers not matching it could be dangerous in an emergency situation and they need to make sure 911 has accurate addresses to serve the public.
City Administrator Michael Bowens asked that council members be aware the deadline for citizens to apply for a Habitat house to be built in Vienna is October 30.