Armed Robbery

Published 8:52 am Friday, October 9, 2015

By Joe Joe Wright


The Eastside Grocery on E8th Ave was robbed at 0700 hours this morning. The suspect entered the business as the employees entered to begin work. He brandished a silver in color revolver and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect fled westbound through the 7 Ω alley and possibly got into an awaiting car.
The suspect is described as approximately 6 4  tall and 200 lbs. He was wearing a red jacket, khaki pants, and black and white sneakers. He had on a black doo rag and had his face covered with red material (possibly from a tee-shirt). He was also wearing black gloves.
Please remind people that if residents see cars parked in empty or abandoned homes, they need to call the police and have them checked out. Also, the Cordele Police Department will provide escorts for entries into businesses as well as bank escorts and escorts at night when leaving the business.
There have been some technical difficulties with the camera system there, so there is no video or pictures at this time. Officers and detectives are still on scene trying to fix those problems and recover the video.