SPLOST V Plans Include a New Middle School

Published 11:08 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Special to the Dispatch

The Crisp County Board of Education will ask voters on November 3rd to renew the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). This is not a new tax, but a renewal of the 1-cent sales tax that was first approved by voters in 1997, and renewed in 2002, 2007, and 2011.
SPLOST generates money for predetermined priority projects and improves the school system’s ability to meet the needs of students. SPLOST is a means for generating funds without having to raise local property taxes. SPLOST V will generate approximately $23 million for the children of Crisp County.
SPLOST V projects will include the construction of a new Crisp County Middle School. In addition to this major project, several other smaller projects will include: (1) Renovation and expansion of the band room, choral room, and weight room at Crisp County High School, (2) Purchase of school buses, (3) Construction of new restroom and concession area at the stadium, (4) Purchase of technology, (5) Purchase of security equipment, (6) Air-conditioning of the gyms at the Pre-K and the Elementary School, and (7) Renovations, repairs, and improvements to existing facilities.
Renewal of SPLOST is a very open process where the citizens of Crisp County approve the projects that will be completed with their SPLOST dollars. If the project is not on the ballot, it cannot be completed.
SPLOST I-IV completed projects have included: renovation of the Crisp County Middle School Auditorium; the addition of safety corridors at the schools; renovation of J.S. Pate for the Pre-K program; the construction of covered bus ramps; the purchase of safe playground equipment; facility improvements at the football and baseball stadiums; field improvements for the softball and baseball programs; field improvements at the football game and practice fields; the air-conditioning of the Crisp County High School gymnasium; 2015 renovations at Crisp County High School with new air-conditioning, flooring, and painting; 2015 renovations at Crisp County Elementary School with new painting, roofing, handicapped entrance, and bus ramp; the purchase of new technology at all schools; the purchase of security equipment at all schools; the construction of Agriculture and Consumer Science labs at Crisp County Middle School; the purchase of school buses; the acquisition of land for future school sites; and the construction of the new Crisp County Primary School.