Better the second time around for Unadilla Council

Published 11:26 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016


UNADILLA — It’s been two weeks since tensions and tempers got a little high at the first meeting of the Mayor and City Council here and things seemed to look a little better the second time around.
During his welcome to citizens Mayor Myron Mixon apologized for his behavior during the first meeting.
“I want to go on record to say that I am sorry for my behavior,” he said. “I promise to act in a more professional manner. We are going to do the best we can for this city.”
Bill Elliott of Hannah Solar addressed the council on the benefits of solar power. He informed the board that it could lower power costs to the city and would benefit citizens because the city would bring in extra revenue. Elliott advised there would be no liability and no cost to the city to implement the project. After some discussion Mayor Mixon advised that he would like Elliott to work with the city’s engineer. Mayor Pro Tem Meredith Lester asked that he bring back some numbers and comparisons for the council to review.
Council members then heard reports from the Fire Department and Public Works Department. Public Works director Teriano Felder informed the board that the grapple truck should be repaired and operational some time next week.
The city’s clerk reported that the campaign contribution disclosure forms were due at the end of the week. She also reminded the board that the fly up to meet with Washington legislators is coming up February 24-26. Mayor Mixon said that with the city’s current finances they may want to think about the expense of the trip.
Councilman Chester Thomas said that if the entire council could not attend, he felt it important to at least send the mayor on the trip so the city had a presence and that the needs of Unadilla could be conveyed to legislators. Mixon said he appreciated Thomas’ vote of confidence and said thathe could arrange other business in that area and it not cost the city a dime.
“I will pay for it myself,” he said. There was no action taken on that.
Mayor Pro Tem Lester advised council that her appointment to the Downtown Development Authority had to step down and that she wished to appoint Amelia Hayworth to serve in that position. The board approved that request.
Then it was on to old business and the appointment of the city attorney. After some discussion between the board members it was motioned by Councilman Dexter Whitaker again to reappoint Maurice King. The motion was seconded by Lester and the vote was split 3-3 with Lester, Whitaker and Thomas in favor of and Councilmen Lurry Brown, Tyrone Adkinson, and Justin Bridges against.
With the decision left to Mayor Mixon he gave the matter a great deal of thought before finally voting no.
Per the suggestion of Thomas the council decided to advertise for the position  for 30 days before making a decision on the attorney appointment.
They will also be advertising for a cleaning service for city hall and the library.