Crisp Board of Education conducts business

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, April 20, 2016


CORDELE — The Crisp County Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting last Tuesday during which time they handled several items of business.
The main order of business was to approve the tentative budget for FY17 which includes a 3% raise for all full time employees within the district.
According to Board Chairman Scott Forehand the raise was in the governor’s budget and included in the General Assembly and they want the local systems to do it. The board approved the tentative budget unanimously. It will be properly advertised for the next two weeks and will remain on the table for the board to approve during their regular meeting in May. Anyone wishing to review the tentative budget can do so on the system website at
Forehand asked Superintendent Dr. David Mims to update the board on the rebidding for insurance for the district. Mims said it time to rebid for the insurance package and that Akin Insurance provided a lower bid for the Workman’s Comp insurance. It was recommended that they Akin be awarded the bid for that insurance and GSBA continue to handle other insurance; Property and Casualty and automobile/bus. The motion was approved unanimously by the board. The board also approved some modifications to the current promotion and retention policy in order to be in compliance with state regulations. Mims said it was simple a matter of some rewording such as changing reference to the CRCT to the Georgia Milestones. The board approved the changes. The policy will remain on the table until the next meeting for final approval. Until that time a copy of the document can be obtained at the central office.
The board also approved the April personnel report and certified personnel rehire. Two rehires had to be voted on separately due to being related to members of the BOE.
The first of those was Becky Forehand, wife of Chairman Scott Forehand. The gavel was passed to Vice Chairman Bill Wilson who conducted the vote. It was approved by a unanimous vote of the board. The second was for the rehire of Kelly Glass, daughter of BOE member Lydia Adkins. Mrs. Adkins abstained from the vote which with that abstention passed 4-1.
Dr. Mims informed the board that the Blackshear Trail bid opening will be held on May 4.