Crisp Regional Health Services launches new website

Published 8:16 am Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CORDELE — Crisp Regional Health Services is proud to announce the launching of a new, interactive website.  Crisp Regional identified Frederick Swanston, an award-winning creative agency based in Atlanta, as its strategic partner to align the advances in modern medicine with an advanced online presence to elevate the Crisp Regional brand.
Crisp Regional Hospital houses qualified and caring physicians, an exceptional staff, and modern medical technology, while providing Crisp County and surrounding areas with unrivaled quality healthcare. Crisp Regional Hospital has both grown and changed over the past decade. In an effort to keep moving forward, the new website boasts a modernized look and feel, refreshed and engaging copy as well as features that enable users to search careers and pay a bill online.
“The website conveys emotion, sends a message of vibrant activity and generates positive feelings about who we are and the kind of caring values we aspire to deliver,” said Steven Gautney, CEO, Crisp Regional Hospital. “The launch of the new website will not only optimize the user experience but also helps associate ‘new’ with Crisp Regional Health Services. After all, we aren’t who we used to be. Our website offers a deep, personal look into what we provide to our community and how we help others.”
The new focus on Crisp Regional’s website brings engaging information and dropdown links to the forefront, encouraging deeper navigation into the site. This new architecture and responsive website design allows Crisp Regional to optimize its user experience from beginning to end, as well as differentiate the brand experience from its competitors.  We go farther, so you don’t have to.  Visit our newly designed website at