Drugs and cash seized in bust at local motel

Published 10:55 pm Sunday, June 5, 2016

CORDELE — A major drug dealer is behind bars and his drugs off the streets after a authorities raided a room he was inhabiting at a local motel.

Investigators with the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Mid South Task Force raided the room at the Ashburn Inn, located in the 1500 block of 16th Avenue East. Upon entering the room agents found and arrested 43-year old Eric Newsome and 40-year old Anetrice Buckles. The pair were in possession of a large amount of illegal narcotics; marijuana, meth and cocaine and prescription drugs; hydrocodone and xanax.

The pair are charged with possession with the intent to distribute for the marijuana, meth and cocaine and are also charged with the sale of hydrocodone.

Agents continued surveillance of the room and later apprehended to other suspects when they arrived at the room. Among them was Shelly Johnson who is charge with possession of a controlled substance. Another individual was apprehended on an outstanding warrant.

Major Jeff Youngblood stated that multiple complaints made about Newsome led to the investigation.