Inmate attacks, injures jailer

Published 5:15 pm Friday, July 8, 2016

CORDELE — An altercation with an inmate led to the injury of one jailer Thursday night.

According to Sheriff Billy Hancock of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, Detention Officer Jay Young, who has been employed as a certified jailer with the office for seven years, was assaulted by 30-year old inmate Quincy Collins of Butler, Georgia. The inmate had been taken from his cell in a wheelchair to medical holding earlier in the evening after complaining of having had a seizure.

Officer Young responded to loud noise coming from the holding cell. Young opened the door and gave Collins commands to stop banging and to put down what he had in his hand. At this time, Collins throws the object, which was found to be a piece of the footing of the wheelchair at Young, striking him in the head. Collins then rushed toward Young, who managed to use his OC spray to try and gain control of the inmate.

Collins was able to break away from Young and was pursued by another officer as he ran down the hallway. Officers in processing rushed to assist the jailers at which time, Collins was apprehended.

As a result of his injuries, Officer Jay Young was transported to Crisp Regional Hospital. He received stiches in his head, suffered a dislocated finger and possible knee injuries.

Collins was also transported to Crisp Regional to be observed by medical personnel because of the spray used during the altercation. Collins has an extensive background and now faces new charges of Aggravated Assault, Felony and misdemeanor counts of Obstruction of an officer. Hancock is thankful that more officers were not hurt during the encounter with the inmate and is concerned that one of his officers did go home to his family with injuries.

“It is my responsibility to be sure to train each member of our team and assure that each of them goes home safely at the end of every shift, said Hancock. “This was an intentional act of violence within the jail against an officer. We will turn the investigation over to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution of the case.”