Law enforcement agents attend training session

Published 5:39 pm Friday, July 15, 2016


CORDELE — As part of an ongoing effort by Sheriff Billy Hancock increase training opportunities and create mutual understanding in the community the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office hosted a training event on Courthouse security. Numerous agencies attended the training course including Dooly County Sheriff’s Office, Ben Hill County, Wilcox County as well as several Judges and district attorney office staff.

During the training session, attendees viewed a video that law enforcement says is an example of just why courthouse security is so vital.

The filmstrip detailed the story of Dennis Marx, a marijuana grower, arrested in Forsyth County. He was due in court on June 6, 2014 on his charges for marijuana sales when he decided to denounce authority and attack innocent people.

In a manner that can only be described as cowardly. Dennis Marx drove his SUV onto the grounds of the Forsyth County Courthouse and opened fire. He wore several bulletproof vests and a military quality gas mask. He was armed with homemade grenades of all descriptions that were built to kill large quantities of people. In the end, however, skilled officers prevented this man from having mass casualties.

The incident quickly escalated into a kill or be killed situation. This man came prepared to die but not quickly. The officers had to move around outside structures and from office to office inside trying to line up shots at Marx, who was hidden behind the door of his SUV and layers of body armor. The good guys got off 62 rounds at the culprit and hit him 12 times but the vest kept him from going down. Finally the headshots took him out. After the smoke cleared it became apparent just how lucky the good guys were. A jamming gun and his leg wound prevented his mobility and helped to keep him pinned down for the four minute gun battle and allowed the officers to take him out.

“This shows what a properly motivated criminal could have done if it were not for well trained officers,” said Sheriff Hancock.

It is with that sentiment that I declare the true value of the “thin blue line “ that stands between the public and evil. Sheriff Hancock has pledged there will be many more training sessions made available for his officers and our neighbors.