Rabies case confirmed in city

Published 8:39 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2016



CORDELE — According to reports from the Cordele Police Department there has been a confirmed case of rabies within the city.

Sgt. Jeremy Taylor confirmed Tuesday, that a stray kitten was picked up by animal control and died suddenly overnight. The animal was tested and found to have died of rabies.

“Parents please stress to your children not to approach a stray animal, even a cute kitten or puppy,” said Taylor. “Instead contact the department and let animal control pick up the animal.”

The incubation period for symptoms to develop is about 12 weeks so just because an animal is not showing signs of the disease, does not mean they are not infected. The only risk factor to humans is contact with an affected animal. At the time of a bite, since there is no way to be sure whether or not an animal has rabies it is best to be treated since there is no benefit when waiting. Though typically transmitted through a bite or scratch, rabies can also be passed if infected tissue (in eyes, nose or mouth) comes in contact with human mucus membranes.

Taylor said the department wants to remind all pet owners to have their animals vaccinated for rabies annually. Although some animals are more susceptible to the disease than others there are none that are naturally immune. Vaccinating your pet is not only healthy and safer for the animal and your family but it is also the law.