Crisp Regional Hospital receives RISAH Award

Published 5:24 pm Friday, August 26, 2016

CORDELE — Crisp Regional Hospital recently received the Revenue Integrity Standards and Accreditation in Healthcare (RISAH) award. The accreditation demonstrates Crisp Regional Hospital’s dedication to strengthening their revenue cycle performance.   The primary goal of a Revenue Integrity Department is to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines, while continuing to effectively manage the financial health of the hospital. 

The RISAH accreditation program focuses on the performance of the hospital revenue cycle. HomeTown Health provides annual assessments to monitor and measure the performance and ongoing internal benchmarking practices that are key to compliant revenue cycle processes. 

Education is provided through HomeTown Health University to allow hospitals to stay up to date on the latest changes in healthcare and financial management.

“Successful revenue cycle management is an ongoing process and requires commitment and dedication,” says Sandy Sage, RN, Revenue Cycle Consultant.  “The RISAH accreditation is a direct reflection of Crisp Regional Hospital’s commitment to improving performance in order to meet or exceed industry best practices in all areas of the revenue cycle.”