Dooly Commissioners conduct county business

Published 5:30 pm Friday, September 2, 2016


VIENNA  — Dooly County Commissioners held their regular meeting Thursday during which they discussed several items of business.

County Administrator Steve Sanders advised the board they were getting close to finalizing the county budget for FY2017. Currently they are awaiting the Dooly County Board of Education’s decision on their millage rate before the county can pass their own rate and finalize the budget for the coming year. Sanders informed commissioners there had been a mistake with an ad published in the Vienna News Observer on the millage. The ad was from last year where a tax increase was proposed. Sanders wanted citizens to be aware that there is no proposed tax increase for FY2017 as reflected in the ad.

The current year budget was $13,688,957 for the General Fund with $2,160,000 in SPLOST funds for a total budget of $15,848,957. The FY2017 proposed budget is $13,807,824 for the General Fund and $2,028,000 in SPLOST with a total proposed budget of $15,835,824.

The Dooly County BOE is scheduled to set their millage on Thursday, September 15. The Board of Commissioners will hold a special, called meeting on Friday, September 16 to set their millage rate.

Sanders presented a list of vehicles submitted by Rodney Hair of the Dooly County Public Works to be declared surplus. None of the vehicles on the list are in operating condition. The list included several pick up trucks, a van, semi and two garbage trucks. Sanders said other than the garbage trucks, none of the items were really worth placing on The board unanimously approved to declare the vehicles as surplus.

Commissioners revisited the issue of the qualifications of members of the Board of Elections. Four of those members have confirmed their qualifications. It has been discovered that a fifth member of the board does not meet certain qualifications in order to continue serving on the board. At the member’s appointment they were qualified but since that time has become ineligible. County Attorney Bert Gregory advised commissioners they could ask for the member’s resignation. The board approved that recommendation and will be having a letter sent to the board of elections member requesting their resignation.

Sanders informed commissioners that since the last meeting they had received a payment of $5,000 toward the Unadilla contract for County Law Enforcement Services. The current amount owed is $709,179. The current contract expires on December 31, 2016.