Political signs taken

Published 8:08 am Monday, October 3, 2016

Every few years here and in every city and county around the State, we see political signs. It is campaign time and candidates for public office buy up the little signs shown above. There is nothing wrong with that after all name recognition is an all important factor in getting elected to office. In years pass you would see light poles and telephone poles covered in political signs and you would read in the newspaper every time a warning from the Power Commission and the DOT to keep your signs off the right of way. After about a week of campaigning they would go out and strip the poles bare, it has always been this way. Even in todays campaign atmosphere we see this constant struggle. Make no mistake about it if your political sign is on any State of Georgia, US Federal highway or city or county right of way without a legal permit, then you are in violation.

No big deal right! If signs get stuck in the wrong place and they need moving then the government moves them again it has always been that way. Now what happens if Joe