Statement from the Sheriff

Published 11:37 am Thursday, October 6, 2016

Press release from Billy Hancock, Crisp County Sheriff

In regards to a matter made public on social media October 5, 2016, I cannot comment as to the specific details, the case is still in the hands of our Internal Affairs Captain. I will tell you that the the School Board and the Sheriff’s office acted swiftly when this matter was brought to our attention. Neither agency believes that children were present when the incident posted occurred.  Deputy Griffin remains in suspension, while we continue to investigating this matter. I will not make any comment regarding the teacher because it is a personnel matter for the School Board to handle. I would hope that all realize that it is not mistakes that define us but how we handle those mistakes. The posting of this on social media is a shameful action and speaks to the lack of principles by the one doing it.  We have referred  with the District Attorney in regards to the matter and have determined that no crime was committed.