Isidro Lerma Wins Challenge

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CORDELEStarting off a new resolution in January, Isidro joined Impact Sports Eight-Week Challenge with one goal in mind –  to get rid of his unwanted weight and start his path to a healthier, stronger, and fitter self.

Throughout the eight-week challenge, Isidro worked really hard to accomplish his goals. He came to the training sessions, took time to learn things he needed to learn, and applied them each and every time he stepped foot in the gym.

Isidro ended up losing 10% of his initial body weight during the challenge, which equated to 21 pounds!

“I feel great, my stomach is flatter, and I plan to continue working hard to maintain and keep the weight off” said Isidro.

Isidro won a full-year FREE Gym membership,  which includes one year of FREE small group personal training. He also won $100 in Club Bucks, 20 FREE healthy smoothies, a couple of new Impact t-shirts, and an Impact gym bag filled with supplements, healthy snacks, drinks, and magazines to help him stay on his journey!