DDA Discusses Exciting, Upcoming Projects

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Business matters at the Downtown Development Authority meeting are moving right along.  At last Wednesday’s meeting, talk of the tourism budget revealed that it was approved by the Chamber and City Commission.  $175,000 has been allocated for the Rail Museum and the first order of business for that is to cover the building with a new roof.  The DDA is leaning towards a metal pitch roof.  Youth Build, which is affiliated with the Empowerment Zone, has looked at the building and informed the DDA that they will be able to renovate the floors and walls and their labor will be free.  The board was excited about this update.  The targeted completion date of renovating the Rail Museum is sometime in October 2017.

To assist in beautifying the inside of the museum, the Crisp Area Arts Alliance would like space allocated to display local art.  The DDA felt this was a good request.