What A “‘Cat’ch” Fish!

Published 12:39 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rob says his fiancé is the real catch, however this morning he delighted in catching this 10-pound catfish early on Lake Blackshear to start the weekend visiting his mother Mrs. Shirley Davis of Lakeshore Drive.

After a hard-fought battle reeling in this catfish, Rob was assisted with a net by family friend and caregiver Karen, who said she’s timid about the water.  However, she just couldn’t disappoint Rob, so she overcame her fear for this beauty, and now they both have proof of a ‘fish story!’

At a young age, Rob was taught to fish by his Father, Coach and Headmaster, Mr. Bobby Davis of Cordele. Coach Davis passed not long ago, but his lessons of patience and strategy will live on.

Congratulations Rob Davis…hometown boy…you can take the boy out of Cordele, but Cordele will always be part of the boy.