Published 8:18 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017



The Cordele Animal Shelter is seeking loving family to adapt animals.  The summer months has brought about a spike in animals that the Cordele Animal Shelter has taken in.  Not only does the shelter take in animals from City of Cordele, but also Crisp Co. SO, City of Vienna, City of Pinehurst, and the City of Unadilla.  The shelter makes every effort in finding the animals new homes weather it’s through the adoption process or through pet rescue agencies.  The shelter has a group of volunteers that work closely with rescue groups in getting the animals homes.  Although it’s sad but on occasion the shelter does have to put down animals.  The shelter euthanizes only around 10% of the animals taken in and most of those are either injured, due to being struck by a car, or the animal being sick.

If you would like to help with the shelter volunteers are always welcomed.  We have a short amount of paperwork and training for you to complete to start this process.  We also encourage pet lovers to check out the Facebook Page “Friends of the Cordele Animal Shelter.’  Volunteers run the page and keep up to date photos of Lost Animals and Those animals up for adoption.

If you are interested Contact Cordele Police Department at (229)276-2921.  Leave your information with clerk and an Animal Control Officer or a volunteer will contact you back.