Crisp Commission decides on road property owners

Published 8:01 am Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CORDELE — On Tuesday, the Crisp County Board of Commissioners met in to resolve the issue of whether or not they would abandon a road or continue to keep it.

The issue came to light in the in Commissioner’s most previous meeting on September 12. At the time, they were tasked with deciding whether to give the road to the four adjacent landowners or not.

Chairman Sam Farrow was present at this meeting, making the council full for this decision.

Councilman Wallace Mathis motion that Crisp County abandon the road, relinquishing it to the adjacent landowners on the condition they get deed paperwork for the land turned in within a 60-day window.

Larry Felton quickly seconded Wallace’s motion and without any objection the board unanimously passed the decision.

The four families that are adjacent owners are the Mann’s, Slay’s, Wrights and Roberts will divided the land up and deed the land.

The Public road that was abandoned is in the area known as East Lincolmpinch, right on the banks of Lake Blackshear.