Crisp County Power Commission: energy use spikes

Published 1:47 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Managing Editor

CRISP COUNTY– Crisp County residents were surprised to discover this month that their electric bills cost more than usual. Residents have been calling Crisp County Power asking for an explanation.

Some were concerned that somehow the Christmas light decorations were tied with the price going up so much. This however is not true; those city Christmas decorations are not hooked with your personal meter.

The cause of the spike is much simpler: the cold. According to Crisp County Power General Manager, Steve Rentfrow, the spike is from the two cold fronts that came through in the last few weeks.

“Basically we had much colder than normal weather in two different occurrences separated by a few days.  It was much colder than normal, and of course everyone’s heating and cooling systems reacted and ran more hours than normal trying to maintain home temperatures. Which means they used more energy. Over the next month as people get their bills, they can expect that they will be higher than normal,” Rentfrow said.

For now, to help keep the cost of electricity down, Rentfrow recommends keeping the thermostat as low as possible. In the long term, it’s also recommended to make sure your house is well insulated and sealed.