Wilcox Co. Commissioners to join fight against pharmacies over national Opioid crisis

Published 3:51 pm Friday, February 9, 2018

Lucas Allison, Correspondent

ABBEVILLE ¬ Wilcox County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a contract with Attorneys C.J. Walker and Jeff Lasseter to represent the county on a contingency agreement in proposed litigation against the pharmaceutical companies regarding the Opioid crisis. The representation will not cost the county or taxpayers any money.

Commissioners had a workshop prior to the meeting with Attorneys Jeff Lasseter and C.J. Walker on January 30 to initially discuss details of the nationwide Opioid crisis and for possible litigation against the pharmaceutical companies.

Wilcox County Manager, Paula Jones-Ball reported that the Recreation Department Director, Michael Promirko had requested the board to appoint new members to the Recreation Advisory Board. Pomirko had already spoken to some who were willing to serve. Jones-Ball advised if any Wilcox County citizen wished to be considered as a member to please contact her at the Wilcox County Commission Office at 229-467-2737.

Elections are coming up for seats in both Wilcox County Commissioners and the Board of Education. The qualifying fees for those upcoming elections are $144 for county commissioner seats and $36 for Board of

Education seats.

Wilcox Board of Elections Chairman Don Roberts and Gene Tomberlin discussed combining north and south precincts in Rochelle to a new location at Newt Hudson Agricultural Center. Tomberlin and Roberts stated there were complaints from a citizens group who requested the board look at alternate locations. Tomberlin stated that the precinct should be at a government building. Wilcox County Attorney, Toni Sawyer informed that by law, the Board of Elections and Registration ultimately has the power to decide on voting precincts and whatever location the board chooses has to be handicap accessible with ample parking and adequate space.

The following Annual appointments were made as follows:

Commission Chairman-Lanier Keene

Vice Chairman-Alfonza Hall

County Attorney-Toni Sawyer

County Manger/Clerk-Paula Jones Ball

County Auditors-Meeks CPA

Legal Organ-Cordele Dispatch

Financial Institutions-All banks in Wilcox County

The next Wilcox County Commissioner meeting will be on Tuesday, March 6 beginning at 6 p.m. located at 103 North Broad St. #105.