Vienna Garden Club cleans up park

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Submitted by Ann Hamilton

Members of the Vienna Garden Club met on Friday, April 20 to clean the park in front of the Dooly County Courthouse. They weeded and planted 18 hanging baskets and 20 large flower pots. The park was spruced up in preparation for their plant sale on April 21 and for the celebration of spring. Each club member has “adopted” a flower pot in the park which she plants and maintains for the spring and summer gardening seasons.

Maintenance of the park is a joint project with the garden club and the City. The City has established and maintains a sprinkler system for the arrangements in the hanging baskets, flower pots, and shrubbery in the park. The public is invited to stroll through the park, take time to sit on one of the benches provided by the City, and enjoy the beautiful downtown park.