Greg Ledford: Wilcox Commission Disctrict 3 candidate

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Greg Ledford (R)

By Lucas Allison

Cordele Dispatch Contributor

  1. Please provide basic information on yourself: Name, Age, occupation. How long a resident in Wilcox County, education/degrees. Greg Ledford, I currently own my own business, I am a Contractor and Heating and Air. I am a lifelong resident of Wilcox County, served nine years as a Recreation Director. I have a high school diploma and Certification in Heating and Air.
  1. Why do you want to run for Wilcox Commissioner? I can’t promise anything to anyone. I desire to represent the voters of District 3 and do what is best for them and Wilcox County as a whole. I have ideas that will help grow our community and the county for future generations.
  1. What will be your top priorities for helping to grow Wilcox County? We need to lower our ISO rating which will lower insurance premiums for homeowners, to do this we need to look at building more fire stations in the county to reduce response times to incidents. We must implement a Building Code and have an Enforcement Officer; this too will reduce our ISO rating, and help bring in new industry and business. We must improve our infrastructure.
  1. How would you tackle the need to bring in and keep young professionals in Wilcox County and to bring in new industry and development? We need to re-establish our Chamber of Commerce, it is a tool to attract new business, when used properly. We must work with the Development Authority to have available properties available which will meet the needs of industry. We are about to open our new K-12 school, which is a great accomplishment, we need more technical training taught. We must have a Work Ready Workforce along with adequate housing to accommodate growth. If we want our young professionals to stay and bring in new ones we must have jobs and industry to keep them here.

I will represent District 3 with fairness and make decisions based on what is best for my district and the county as whole. We must work on paving roads and bringing in new business and would like to see lower taxes. I humbly ask for your vote to be Commissioner for District 3.