Jimmy “Jink” Humphries: Wilcox County Commission District 3 candidate

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

By Lucas Allison

Cordele Dispatch Contributor

  1. Please provide basic information on yourself: Name, Age, occupation. How long a resident in Wilcox County, education/degrees. Jimmy “Jink” Humphries is a lifelong resident of Wilcox County except for nine years he was away for college and working in business management. He owns a 150-acre farm and a small machine shop. Has BS degree in History and Match. He is currently employed at Wilcox State Prison as a GED Instructor. He has been teaching thirty plus years.
  1. Why do you want to run for Wilcox Commissioner?  Somebody needs to do it. I’m level headed, educated, Wilcox is my home. I want to give voters in District 3 the best representation they can get. I want to get the Chamber of Commerce re-established. It appears everything is growing on the Eastside of the county, and nothing is growing on the Westside, I want to change this trend. I would like the site selection for the new jail to be re-visited, I feel it would be better suited to put it between Abbeville and Rochelle possibly just off King of Kings road. It would be centrally located, and court hearings could be held at the jail as they do in Crisp and Dooly counties.
  1. What will be your top priorities for helping to grow Wilcox County? Create jobs and to keep our young people in Wilcox County. If we want our young people to stay in Wilcox and get other young professionals to come to Wilcox we must create jobs, good paying jobs. All our neighboring counties are flush some type of industry, why not Wilcox? We must implement building codes and have an enforcement officer, this will help lower our ISO fire rating and help lure business and industry to Wilcox County.
  1. How would you tackle the need to bring in and keep young professionals in

     Wilcox County and to bring in new industry and development? We will have to offer tax breaks and incentives to have industry come to Wilcox just as the state of Georgia does. We must have cooperation of all in the county. We must treat all people the same. We must stay together working on a mutual goal. We must keep and maintain a vision of what direction we want the county to move in. As the Bible says without a vision the people perish.

I would like to say I will work hard for District 3 voters and Wilcox county and do what is best for District 3 and Wilcox County as a whole. I would appreciate your vote.