Dooly Commission discusses potential roadway projects

Published 4:23 pm Friday, October 5, 2018

VIENNA — The Dooly County Board of Commissioners met for their regularly scheduled first Thursday meeting for the month of October.

Up first on the agenda was a brief presentation by new Dooly County 4-H agent with the extension office, Quadarius Hardy. Hardy reported that Dooly County 4-H programs currently have 530 students enrolled between the public school system and Fullington Academy. He also pointed out that next week is National 4-H Week and there are plans for the teachers and students in the community. The commissioners then adopted a proclamation stating that the week of October 7-13 is to be Dooly County 4-H week.

In another item of business, the commissioners discussed the upcoming application for the DOT’s 2019 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) program. The county’s formula amount for the grant is $628,926.01 and a local match from the county of 10% ($62,892.60) will bring the potential eligible amount on the LMIG grant out to $691,818.61 to be used on upcoming road projects. The preliminary list of roads that are being considered for repair or other work is as follows:

Resurfacing 3.81 miles of Bowen Road beginning at Highway 27 and ending at Calhoun Road

Paving 0.57 miles of Cinderella Road starting from Pinehurst/Hawkinsville Highway and ending at Heath Road

Resurfacing 1.25 miles of Dooly High Road from Tippettville Road to Coody Dairy Road

Resurfacing 5.70 miles of Five Points Road beginning at Pinehurst/Hawkinsville Highway and ending at Sugar Hill Road

Paving 0.49 miles of Heath Road from Pinehurst/Hawkinsville Road to Cinderella Road

Resurfacing 2.23 miles of Jalappa Road from Highway 90 to Fokes Road

Resurfacing 3.25 miles of Lilly Road from Lilly city limits to Pinehurst/Byromville Road

Paving 1.32 miles of Oakland Cemetery Road beginning at Summerville Road and ending at Edwards Road

Resurfacing 0.93 miles of Progress Road starting at Roberson Road and ending at Highway 41

Paving 1.61 miles of Summerville Road beginning at Mimms Road and ending at Oakland Cemetery Road

The board will be attempting to determine which roads should be the priority or if any should be added or removed to their list by the next meeting. They will then submit the final list to their engineers for preparation and cost estimation for the projects overall.

The next regular meeting of the Dooly County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 9 a.m. at the Dooly County Commissioners’ Office at 113 N Third Street in Vienna.