Cordele MD creates test to detect COVID-19 surface contamination

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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By Lauren Lee

Since the beginning of January, Dr. Marion Lee has dedicated himself to finding a way to help communities suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with his new lab to test for COVID-19 on surfaces, he has found his own way to serve his community and many others.

COVIDClear Testing™ works to assess and track the COVID-19 status in workplaces, retail, and even, homes where most transmission occurs. With high-tech, affordable Bio-Surveillance, COVIDClear TestingTM protects businesses from COVID-19 health and liability issues.

“As a doctor myself, I have been very focused on this virus since the public has been aware of it. This is a matter of public service to be able to provide a test like this to help eliminate spread of the virus.

“Businesses will be able to function again. Even in my clinic, we see patients have been hesitant to come in, we are focused on taking care of their health and making them feel comfortable once again,” says Dr. Lee. “Also, we are beginning to see complaints against employers to OSHA for potential employee exposure to the virus

Contact surface testing can validate cleaning methods and verify the absence of the virus and infected individuals from the workplace.”

COVIDClearTM is an independent lab, certified by the IACST (The International Association of Contact Surface Testing), and works in partnership with a CLIA (The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified lab for human testing when needed.

COVID-19 can be contracted in two different ways. The public focuses mainly on direct contamination, however indirect contamination is just as serious. COVIDClear Testing™ focuses on stopping this second form of infection. An indirect infection can occur through contaminated surfaces. Contact surface testing focuses on those high touch surfaces in the work space or home.

However, if an employee has contracted COVID-19, then a surface test would also help to inform the employer of the presence of illness in the work space by showing the areas where COVID-19 resides. Early detection can keep the work space safer and prevent business shutdowns and other liabilities.

The reason a test like this one is so accurate is because the coronavirus can survive on a surface for up to three days. The test can even be

used post-sanitation to see if a business’s cleaning method destroys one hundred percent of the virus. If more than 290 viral particles are found on the surface, then cleaning methods must be modified and a search for the source of contamination must begin.

290 viral particles is such a precise measurement that if these particles were lined up, it would only make up one-fifth of a single strand of human hair.

“We commit to making it safer for people to go back into the workplace and feel confident that they are not exposed to the virus. This will increase productivity because there will be no fear of being infected. Identifying infections and catching them early is essential in preventing lost man hours. However, what is most important is to give customers confidence that they are safe in doing business with the workplace,” states Dr. Lee.

Not only was this service founded to help put Americans back to work, but it was also created to yield incredibly fast results, so you can know as soon as possible if your space is contaminated. The breakdown is simple. The procedure can be completed by an employee of COVIDClear Testing™ or the owner of the business being tested. To complete the test, all one would need to do is swab a testing kit in high traffic areas or high touch surfaces, and results will come back to the business in as little as an hour and a half.

Dr. Lee says, “Our mission is to help protect the public, the customers, and themselves [business owners].” COVIDClear Testing™ has already been successful in completing this mission with several clients, such as with the Cordele Sheriff’s Office, Cordele Optical, MRS Healthcare, and more, including businesses in Montgomery, AL.

Debra Taucer from Cordele Optical recommends getting testing done to any business owner serious about their customer and employee safety, “Do it! I love my customers and I want them to know that I am doing everything in my power to keep them safe. I myself feel 1000 percent safer in my workplace and know I am doing a world of good for my clients.”

While the lab is local to Cordele, Dr. Lee has worked hard on expanding and making his services available to the whole nation. A testing kit can be sent to any client around the USA and overnighted back to yield results the next day. Mobile services are also offered to businesses with a high need and demand for immediate results. Employees from COVID Clear TestingTM will hit the road to test a workplace.

Many other services are available for clients who sign up on a contractual bias, including lower prices, customer access to a private Physician panel, an option to build an on-site lab for larger businesses, and more. Pricing for tests can be done on a one time use, on a contractual basis or on a per employee per month basis for larger businesses.

“As the only surface-testing lab in the southeast region that I am aware of, our vision at COVIDClear TestingTM is to put our full energy and commitment towards supporting the fight against this global pandemic,” says Dr. Lee.

To learn more about COVIDClear TestingTM, go online at, or contact the lab directly by emailing or calling at (833) 426-8257.