Burglers at Wells Hardware steal guns

Published 11:56 am Thursday, November 12, 2020


Staff Report

Thieves struck from above Well’s Hardware store Wednesday night stealing 10 or 11 pistols from the display case.

“I walked in the store about 6:30 this morning and there was a big old hole where the ceiling used to be,” said store manager Scott Fuller. “They pried open a case where the guns were kept.”

Fuller said the thieves got away with 10 or 11 pistols — revolvers and semi-automatics — worth about $4,500.

He said the thieves unscrewed the roof from its supports and dropped down to the sales floor.

“I guess that’s the downside of having a tin roof,” he said.

Cordele Police Capt. Andrew Roufs  asks that anyone with any information contact the Detective Division at (229) 276-2921.  You may remain anonymous.


Burglary at Wells Hardware sometime Wednesday night, Nov 11th  to Thursday morning Nov. 12th. Items taken during the break-in included several firearms.  Anyone with any information is asked to contact our Detectives at 229-276-2921.  You can remain anonymous.