Cordele Police Department reports

Published 1:49 am Friday, November 13, 2020

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•On Nov. 6, 2020, at 11:32 am, Cordele Police responded to 505 E. 5th Ave. in reference to a runaway juvenile. Upon arrival, Quinches Pryor said her 16-year- old daughter ran away from the residence some time during the night. The officer obtained a description of the juvenile and a BOLO was issued with special attention requested for the Macon and Bibb County areas. Due to a previous incident with the same juvenile under similar circumstances, the officer notified CID and further investigation was turned over to them.

•On Nov. 6, 2020, at 2:35 pm, Cordele Police responded to 214 W. 26 Ave. in reference to an entered auto. Erica Siegler said the rear windshield of her 2009 white Lincoln MKS had been smashed and her wallet containing various debit cards, a food stamp card, approximately $600 in cash, and her and her children’s social security cards were missing. She said her back windshield was already cracked and someone must have finished breaking it to enter the vehicle.

•On Nov. 6, 2020 a Cordele Police officer observed a dark green Honda Accord at the intersection of 24th Ave. and 7th Street occupied by a black male and possibly a white female. He noticed the vehicle’s passenger headlight was out as the driver activated its turn signal to attempt a right hand turn onto 7th Street when the driver saw the blue lights from a Georgia State Patrol that was conducting a traffic stop, he made a right turn onto 10th Street. The officer activated his emergency equipment as the driver turned on to 23rd Ave. and continued traveling west, running the stop sign on Joe Wright Drive . The vehicle continued north on Joe Wright Drive obeying the speed limit. When the Honda approached 19th Ave. it accelerated at a high rate of speed passing other motorists. Due to the erratic driving and increased risk of injury, the officer immediately disengaged from the stop at 19th Ave. and Joe Wright Drive.  Georgia State Patrol and other units canvassed the area and found it in the 500 block of West 13th Ave. and turned it over to ABC Towing.

•On Nov. 7, 2020 Cordele Police, responded to 216 W. 21st Ave. in reference to criminal damage to property to a white Chevrolet CIS. Sarah Pritchard, the complainant said she got home at 1pm from working and her car was fine but, when her husband got home at 11pm he noticed black paint was thrown on her vehicle and obscene words were written on the passenger side of the vehicle. Pritchard was asked if she knew anyone that could have done this or that she has made upset to want to do this. She said she and her family stay to themselves and don’t bother anyone. The material used to vandalize the vehicle were materials that came from Pritchard’s front porch. The officers were unable to retrieve fingerprints from the lid or handle. Pritchard said that she just wanted the incident to be documented and that she would talk with her neighbor to see if her ring camera got someone coming into her yard at the time of the incident.

•On Nov. 7, 2020 Cordele Police responded to 1106 S. 11th Street in reference to an assault that occurred in the bottom of Sunset Homes Housing Projects. Leonardo Holt. The complainant said he was walking with a girl friend when a group of males approached from the south end of the projects and started to jump on and fight him. Holt said that he tried to fight them off and was able to break free and run to his residence. EMS checked Holt’s well-being and could only find minor injuries. Holt refused transport by Crisp County E.M.S. This case is active pending further information to be gathered in reference to juveniles that were involved in this incident.

•On Nov. 8, 2020, Cordele Police responded to 502 E. 16th Ave. after being informed by 911 Dispatch that a female caller said Dustin Owens, was at the Green Pantry in a blue Nissan Frontier. Dispatch said Dustin Owens had a warrant for probation violation through the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office. Owens was arrested and transported to the Crisp County Law Enforcement Center

•On Nov 8, 2020 Cordele Police officers attempted to stop a black BMW X3 whose driver, Markevious Ming, had a warrant for his arrest. When the officer activated the emergency equipment the vehicle made a left turn onto S. Hickory St. and continued northbound not responding to emergency equipment. The officer immediately disengaged, but kept the vehicle in sight. He caught up with Ming and had him at gun point while giving him loud verbal commands to stop and get out of the vehicle. Instead, the vehicle backed up and ran west bound on 15th Ave. Prior to fleeing, he yelled out of the window asking “What did I do?”. The vehicle increased speed, running a stop sign at I5th Ave. and First St. then turned north on First St. and traveled at a high rate of speed running the stop sign at 8th Ave. The vehicle was located in Sunny Side Cemetery after Ming escaped on foot down the 6 1/2 alley. Ming faces charges of driving while license suspended; fleeing or attempting to elude police officers; open container in a vehicle; seatbelt violation; reckless driving; failure to maintain lane; holding or supporting a device while driving; failure to stop at a stop sign; and too fast for conditions.

•On Nov. 9, 2020, a Cordele officer was called to the lobby of the police department in reference to a criminal trespass incident. Glenda Hughes. Hughes said when she went out the front door to her apartment that morning, she found that someone had placed a dead squirrel on the mat in front of the door. She said that an unknown subject was leaving food on her side of the duplex. She said she contacted the Housing Authority but she was told to file a police report. The case is cleared at this time.

•On Nov. 9 ,2020, Cordele Police responded to the 100 block of W. 11th Ave. in reference to a man taking money out of the office at the Pool Room 105 W. 11th Ave. Upon arrival he found Summer Tondee following a man around in the road. He said he had not taken any money. Another man, Lamar Lofton said he had been waiting on someone to get out of the restroom. He said he has bladder problems and couldn’t hold it anymore and urinated on himself and ran out of the business.

While talking to Tondee the officer noticed a puddle on the floor. Tondee said she had money laying out on in the office when she saw Lofton run out so she assumed he had possibly taken some but she checked and found none was missing. Lofton was asked not to return to the business and given a Criminal Trespass Warning.

•On Nov. 9, 2020 Cordele Police responded to 810 West 20th Avenue Apt A. in reference to a disturbance in progress. The complainant said a male subject was busting out windows to the residence and they could hear glass breaking in the background. The dispatcher said the caller entered the residence and they lost contact but still had an open line and could hear arguing in the background. The officer saw a black male wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans, approximately 6 feet tall standing in the yard yelling at the subjects inside the residence. Once the subject realized an officer was on the scene, he pulled his pants up and ran south, ignoring verbal commands to stop. The officer contacted the residents of 810 West 20th Avenue Apt. A.