State school superintendent visits Crisp Elementary

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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By Neil B. McGahee

Managing Editor

State School Superintendent Richard Woods, accompanied by State Representative Noel Williams, Jr.  and State Senator Carden Summers, visited fourth grade classrooms at Crisp County Elementary School Tuesday.

“There is a twofold purpose to my visit,” Woods said. “I want to find out how our schools are handling Covid-19; and what protocols they have in place: and how we can help.
“Second, we’re visiting fourth grade classes. This is the first year that our fourth graders are exposed to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution so I get the privilege of handing out a pocket Constitution which also has the Declaration of Independence.”

Woods visited 10 fourth grade classrooms explaining to the students the value of understanding the two documents, and then he fielded questions.

“Are you famous?” one kid asked.

“No, but I shook President Trump’s hand once,” Woods answered, causing an audible gasp from the class.

“Do you know Tyler Perry?” another asked.

“No, but I went to his studio once,” Woods replied.

But the biggest gasp came when he fielded a photo of his 20-year-old cat, “Mittens.”

In all, Woods visited 10 c