Keep Crisp Beautiful contracts with a local business to help clean up the Community

Published 12:32 pm Friday, April 9, 2021

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by Catherine Harrell

As you may know, Keep Crisp Beautiful a committee of the Cordele-Crisp Chamber of Commerce, City of Cordele and Commissioners, Crisp County Commission, Waste Management, and Crisp County Power Commission have stepped up to reshape the narrative, and spotlight how community members can make Cordele-Crisp a better place to live, work, and play in their new county-wide initiative. 


After requesting bids from Chamber Members, a bid from a local business was accepted, and a contract was written and signed. The team will be picking up, within certain parameters, of the community, to get Crisp County back to its former glory and looking the best it can be for, our community, and to help increase Tourism in the Watermelon Capital of the World!


This initiative aims to clean up the community and combat a growing litter issue, and the results could also mean a better quality of life for businesses, visitors, and families. The issue of trash, is a never-ending battle, especially amid COVID-19, and with the litter pickup team working tirelessly every day to rid our streets of litter, they foresee not only an improvement in the way things look but, hope to inspire others to do the same!


“In our busy day-to-day lives, we sometimes miss small things that, would otherwise be noticed. We hope that people see the efforts these gentlemen are making to better their, community, and it inspires them to do the same” said Catherine Harrell Executive Director of Keep Crisp Beautiful


Monica Simmons, President of the Cordele-Crisp Chamber of Commerce said, “These guys are working hard and care about their work and the community and we are so excited about the progress they’re making.”


“We worked with these guys before, on a project with Westview Cemetery, and they did a great job and have proved themselves so I was really happy to see they were interested in taking on such a large project and wanting to bring the community together,” said Wesley Rainey, Cordele City Commissioner.


“The contractor has already made a significant impact on the trash problem in Cordele and hopes to make a lasting positive change, to better the community. Keep Crisp Beautiful invites you to stop and say thanks if you see them picking up!” stated Doug Dean Chamber Chairman.


Chip Well Keep Crisp Beautiful Chair urges everyone to do their part in cleaning up the community by keeping your property clean and picking up litter that you see.”