The Beauty of The Bag

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Since the pandemic, we’ve begun a new way of life. Some have hated the entrapment of being indoors while others have thrived. But while we’ve all made modifications in our daily lives in the efforts to keep others safe another pandemic has been brewing… Litter. Everywhere we go it’s in our streets, ditches, and clogging up our storm drains. It’s PPE, fast food cups/bags, bottles, diapers, and a multitude of other things.

Why do people litter? Well, some people think it’s a lack of pride or carelessness. Regardless of the reason, it’s entirely preventable and it’s not hard to take a few steps to make our community a cleaner place.

Who is the biggest warrior in the battle of litter? The trash bag. Bagging your trash prevents trash from spilling all over the road during trash pickups and during travel to the landfill. Heavy-duty garbage bags are on your line of defense when picking up trash along with gloves, bright vests, and pickup sticks. They protect you from germs and make the job easier!

Why is it SO important to bag your trash? Because when your trash is dumped loose trash flies in the air and spreads EVERYWHERE… it goes in your yard, your neighbors’ yard, and in the streets. Wind and severe weather can blow your lid open and scatter debris sending YOUR refuse all over our community and that means that not only can some of your important information get in the wrong hands it could be picked up getting you a hefty fine (or it could be embarrassing! Picture those old drawers you FINALLY threw away landing in your neighbors’ tree… YIKES!). One of the biggest contributors we’ve found to our litter issue is unbagged trash so please put it in that beautiful bag!