Animal Cruelty

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 just after 11 :00 am, officers with the Cordele Police Department were notified by an off duty animal control officer about a possible cruelty to animals case involving numerous cats at Pilot Travel Center 2201 E 16th Ave.

The off duty animal control officer observed a U-Haul trailer with the back roll up door up where she could see numerous animal cages with several cats in each, with them stacked haphazardly in the trailer. She could see that the cages was overcrowded and not safe for the cats.

Once police arrived on scene it was determined that a total of forty-one cats was being held together in a total of two squirrel traps, two cat traps and four dog crates with nothing more than bungee cords keeping them from sliding and falling. According to the officers on scene, the cats had no food, limited water, no litter boxes and was covered in each other feces and urine to the point that the smell was overbearing. Most of the water containers had been spilled and held no water for the cats to drink. The trailer was extremely hot and stuffy due to it not having adequate air or ventilation.

Tiffany Frede, Jesse Bacan, Martin White and Cory Fisher were in the process of moving with the cats from Florida to Iowa. It was their decision to travel with the cats in that condition, they told officers they were planning on letting the cats loose on a farm due to all of the shelters being on a waiting list and not accepting them.

Each person was issued several citations for the treatment and the condition the cats were in. All of the cats were signed over to animal control. At our animal shelter, each cat was provided ample food and water in which they consumed quickly as if they had not eaten or drank in some time. As of today, all forty-one of the cats have been sent to an animal rescue in the Atlanta area where their chances of being adopted out are greatly increased.

We ask that anyone with additional information pertaining to this incident, please contact the Cordele Police Depaitment at 229.276.2921 or non-emergency 911 at 229.276.2690.