Deriso outlines visions, proposals, and accomplishments

Published 9:23 am Thursday, July 28, 2022

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by Kerri Klatt, Managing Editor


The City of Cordele Commission Chairman, Joshua A. Deriso, held a town hall meeting Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cordele Community Clubhouse located at E. 15th Avenue. The town hall meeting with Chairman Deriso was held to engage with the general community and share information that affects the city of Cordele. Chairman Deriso would like to develop a shared vision for the city. “We should be proactive rather than reactive,” he said. Chairman Deriso’s outlined several topics of discussion and initiatives. Those initiatives include:

Funding youth programs

Community crime solutions

Increase home ownership and businesses

Restore the west side of the city

City childcare program

Create health and wellness programs

Entertainment and recreational activities

Senior cares program

Cordele Club store

The shared vision Chairman Deriso has would include ideas such as working together as a cohesive governing body, building trust and mutual respect with one another, coming to agreement of the Charter and its appointed roles, and developing an effective internal processes for a more organized and efficient City government. One attendee question that was brought to Deriso was “Will this commission ever work together?” In which Chairman Deriso replied, “I would greatly hope that our commission can work together, it is something that I constantly think about.” Other topics of discussion include proposals that Deriso would like see come to fruition.  The proposals outlined include:

City restructuring that will save the city $200,000

Plan that will increase attractiveness to investors and developers

Creating nonprofit organization for the west side of the city

Creating small business commission

Creating a city scholarship fund for graduating seniors

City donations to local nonprofit of property and equipment

Creating a health center for the aging

“Why focus on the west side? Or why focus on black folks?” said the chairman, “its because that’s where the need is.” Chairman Deriso would like to allocate resources to the west side to alleviate the neglect. In the meeting, Chairman Deriso also outlined accomplishments the commission has made in his 180 days. Those accomplishments include the hiring of an experienced city manager, correction of COVID-19 policy while back paying employees, honoring civil rights activist- Clemmie C. Gaston with the naming of an overpass, created a youth center, updated ordinances, and the recognition of black and woman history months. Chairman Deriso told attendees to reach out to respective commissioners if community members had questions or concerns. The next city commissioners meeting will be held Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.