Deriso Responds to Wiggins Case

Published 2:12 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Statement regarding the Wiggins et al. Case.

This is a reflection point in the history of Cordele in which the sight of what we really are is too embarrassing to address or too difficult to look or acknowledge.

Regarding the case against myself as Chairman for removal, it is a shameful stunt by a disgruntled loser, the former Chairman, John Wiggins, and racists and their few and paid-for Black allies who are uncomfortable with truth, Black leadership, and empowerment of Black people. It is shameful. It is a reality of devolution for White people to challenge the first Black Chair whose bravery confronts oppression and racism that has negated progress for the City of Cordele. The case and the assertions are based on white lies and politics. As I have always stated that if people felt that things were well in this City, I would never have won the seat of Chair.

 Good people, despite their races, understand that resources have not been dealt in equitable ways over our city’s history. I want to be clear and state that this case is not a reflection of my behavior but one of racist people who do not have the moral fortitude to acknowledge wrongs in this city and support policies to address those wrongs. This is not a case of wrongdoing; it is a case of what is the right thing to do when the truth becomes inconvenient. When the truth shines line on the hidden and the uncomfortable topics.

Last, this is a conspiracy by the powerful people of Cordele and Crisp County who does not want the change which people elected me to bring about. They want to keep it the same because they would lose benefits. When I was first elected, both media outlets, WSST-TV and the Cordele Dispatch reported and printed lies and defamatory information regarding my actions. They were not based in facts, but lies. The Superior Court of Crisp County selected a judge who has shown political ambitions by running for officer herself. It took over 8 months to come back with a decision and now they want to rush a hearing just in time for the 2023 elections. It is shameful that after all these years the racist, powerful, and judicial would combine to undue democracy which they all claim to Love and Cherish.

May God have mercy of their souls.

Chairman Joshua Deriso